Detailed mosaic tile types


Ceramic mosaic
Ceramic mosaic is the most traditional and widely used type of tile. It is light in shape, single in color, and low in grade quality. It is mainly used for decoration of exterior walls without any modification effect; but the outer surface is relatively rough, so it can retain the rough feel of the outer surface to produce extraordinary living effects .
2.Marble Mosaic
It is mainly made of marble, and it is a new mosaic variety in the mid-term development of ceramic tiles. It is colorful and has strong acid and alkali resistance. Among them, marble mosaic tiles have better water resistance and are a popular type in the market. However, the outer surface of marble has a hard texture and poor moldability. Most of the marble mosaic tiles are only used for tile of the outer wall or tile of the inner wall of the kitchen, so the use will be limited. However, its environmentally friendly and beautiful appearance can still be affirmed.
3. glass mosaic
Glass mosaics are rich in color and can bring a lively feel. Fused glass mosaic, which is more artistic, is mainly made of silicate material, which contains a small amount of air bubbles and particles; sintered glass mosaic, mainly uses glass powder as the main raw material, and then adds an appropriate amount of Adhesive has strong pressure resistance; Venus glass mosaic will have obvious function of flickering when encountering light source. It has a small amount of water bubbles and a small amount of metal crystals, which is relatively modern.
Based on the above, Xiaobian's detailed answers to the types of mosaic tiles, I believe everyone has already learned a lot. There are various types of mosaic tiles, so in the purchase process, you can choose according to its specific performance, material and manufacturing style. As a more popular type of tile, the cost performance is also relatively high. Moreover, the mosaic tiles are waterproof, moisture-proof and stain-resistant, so it is worth buying.


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